If you make a saw, or restore an old one using our components please send in your photos and we'll post them here in our gallery. Then we'll send you a set of assorted scrapers for FREE.

12" long Tenon Saw with Bolivian Rosewood (morado) handle
(and TIAG folded brass back featuring custom engine turning embellishments)
By Mike Bridger 03/09/2015

Reagan Pattern Backsaw with Fiddleback Mahogany handle
(and TGIAG folded steel back and saw nuts)
By Daniel Graham 02/18/2015

Dovetail saw with Tiger maple handle
By Andrew Gude 11/25/2014

Halfback saw with walnut handle
By Michael Chapman 11/02/2014

Small Panel saw with refinished Beech Handle
Blade Length:  18",  11 PPI Rip
By Dominic Greco 06/24/2014

Tenon saw with refinished Beech Handle
Blade Length:  12",  14 PPI Crosscut
By Luke Nygaard 07/15/2014

Panel Saw with Figured Cherry Handle
Blade Length:  24",  10 PPI Crosscut
By Joe DiPietro 11/04/2013

Dovetail saw by Joshua Klein

Dovetail saw
Blade Length: 12",  15 PPI Rip
By Joshua Klein 10/10/2013

Panel saw by Charlie Matteson

Panel Saw
Blade Length: 24",  Tote: White Oak, 9 PPI Cross Cut
By Charlie Matteson 9/1/2013

Halfback saw by Paul Skiles

Half Back saw
Blade Length: 18", Overall Length: 21.5", Tote: Ambrosia Maple, 11 T.P.I.
By Paul Skiles 2013

Rip Saw By Paul Skiles

Rip Saw
Blade Length: 26",  Overall Length: 29.25", Tote: Ambrosia Maple, 4 T.P.I.
By Paul Skiles 2013

Panel Saw By Paul Skiles

Panel Saw
Blade Length: 18", Overall Length: 21.25", Tote: Ambrosia Maple, 11 T.P.I.
By Paul Skiles 2013

Open tote Joinery Saw
Joinery Saw with "repurposed" apple handle, spine and hardware
D. Greco Summer 2012

Short Rip saw and recycled beech handle
Short Rip Saw Prototype with "repurposed" beech handle and hardware
D. Greco 2012

Halfback saws
Finished Halfback saws (Apple and Walnut)
D. Greco 2010

Stair saws in BE Maple, Cherry and Walnut
6" and 8" Stairsaws in Bird's Eye Maple, Cherry, and Walnut. These were based on the vintage Disston saw included in the photo.
D. Greco 2010

Saws with Apple and Elm burl handles
(2) 12" backsaws made using new saw plates, "repurposed" spines and hardware. Handles are Apple (front) and Elm Burl (rear)
D. Greco 2012

Re-handled dovetail saw
Re-Handled Disston / Keystone dovetail saw (Walnut and Apple)
D. Greco 2009

Re-handled Crown Dovetail saw
Re-Handled Crown Gent's Dovetail saw (Lacewood)
D. Greco 2010

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