Saw Tooth Templates

If you don't have access to a retoothing machine, Saw Tooth templates are a useful reference item to have in your saw building tool kit.

Saw tooth Templates are used when you want to change the pitch of the teeth on a saw plate or want to start a new one from scratch. For older saws with existing teeth, you need to file the existing teeth down to the point where the tooth line is smooth and clean. Once that is done the appropriate template is clamped along side the saw plate in a saw vise. Allow the teeth of the template to extend over the top of the saw plate by about 1/2 their height and use them as a guide to file each new tooth into the saw plate. Once the spacing is established remove the template and finish forming the teeth.
Since the teeth are machine punched, they are evenly and accurately spaced

NOTE: While the photos below shows the older doubles sided version, we have since switched to single side templates with (1) pitch punched into them.

Saw Tooth templates

They are made from 2" x 18" 1095 Spring Steel and each pitch is clearly marked with a number.

The teeth are set to a 30 deg rake angle to make it easier for the user to "index" on each tooth.

saw tooth templates

Saw tooth templates are $17.50 each in the following configurations:
or you can buy them in a pack of (6) for $90 (plus shipping and handling)

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