Folded Saw Backs


For a long time the only type of saw backs that were available to the saw making community were machined ones. While they do work, we here at TGIAG prefer the more traditional folded saw backs. Folded backs are made from a piece of steel or brass that is formed and "folded" into a pinched U-Shape. This shape grips and add tension to the saw plate. In our honest opinion it is a more secure method and it easily re-postionable.

Over the past two years Mike and I have been working at developing the dies that would give us that classic shape. After months and months of efforts we arrived at the final design.

So as you can guess we are now extremely proud to offer our new line of Folded Saw Backs.


These are made to our exacting standards and folded using our specially designed dies. The overall shape and finish are reminiscent of early Sorby or British saws with a dash of old school
brass Disston saw backs for flare.

We are currently selling them in (6) different lengths


Please Note:
  1. Due to overwhelming popularity of the Brass Saw backs, production of Steel Saw backs has been discontinued
  2. Saw backs are supplied cut to length and unpolished. The final shaping, sanding, and polishing is left to the user.
  3. Due to fluctuating material costs prices are subject to change without notice. However, we will do our utmost to keep this website updated with the most current pricing
  4. Typical leads times for brass backs are approximately 3 weeks. However, this is subject to change depending on volume and delivery schedule


All shipping: CONTINENTAL USA Only (Sorry, NO International Shipping)

When ordering multiple items, shipping will be combined (when possible).


If you are interested in purchasing saw backs please send an email to us. Please include your complete mailing address along with the sizes you want. We will follow up with an emailed invoice that will contain payment information.


Paypal is the preferred method of payment. And orders placed using Paypal will be processed first. However, we accept Money Orders and Cashier's Check (No Personal Checks).

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