Stairsaw Sawplates and Kits


These Stairsaw plates are made from 0.025" thk 1095 spring steel and have the slotted mounting holes pre-punched. They are set up for 10TPI Rip and 12 TPI Crosscut. Since the overall shape is symmetric, they can be installed with the teeth facing either direction so they can operate on the pull as well as the push stroke. Stair saws

Saw plates can be purchased separately or as a kit which also includes (2) split saw nuts and a PDF copy of the plans to make your own stairsaw.

8" Cross Cut Stairsaw kit:

We also have an identical kit in 10 TPI Rip configuration for the same price.

"Deluxe" 8" Stairsaw kit:

6" Cross Cut Stairsaw kit:

And same as the 8" stair saw it, we also have an identical kit in 10 TPI Rip configuration for the same price.

"Deluxe" 6" Stairsaw Kit:


We also offer a range of "pre-toothed" saw plates. These saw plates have been "de-blued", and have teeth punched into them according to the customer's designation. Saw plates can be supplied with any TPI from 4 to 16 PPI, in Rip or Crosscut. Unless otherwise requested, the rake angle is 8 deg for Rip and 15 deg for Crosscut. Our standard saw plate thicknesses are 0.015", 0.020", 0.025", and 0.032"

As with all of the saw plates we sell these have their teeth punched (not sharpened) and are shipped cleaned, with a coat of oil and un-buffed. After wet sanding (with sand paper from 300 to 1500 grit) these saw plates will shine like a mirror.

Saw Plates and Stairsaw Kits from TGIAG Toolworks
Description Size Pricing
Dovetail saw (Small) 2" x 10" x 0.020" thk $20.00
Dovetail saw (Small) 2" x 12" x 0.020" thk $20.00
Dovetail saw (Medium) 3" x 12" x 0.020" thk $20.00
Small Carcass/Tenon Saw Plate 3" x 12" x 0.025" thk $22.00
Carcass Saw Plate 4" x 14" x 0.032" thk $25.00
Reagan Backsaw Saw Plate 4" x 14" x 0.025" thk $25.00
Sash Saw Plate 4" x 16" x 0.025" thk $29.00
Sash Saw Plate (Heavy) 4" x 16" x 0.032" thk $30.00
Large Sash Saw (Heavy) 5" x 16" x 0.032" thk $30.00
Large Tenon Saw (Heavy) 6" x 14" x 0.032" thk $32.00
Small Panel Saw Plate 6 1/4" x 20" x .032" thk $43.00
Sm Panel / Halfback Saw Plate 6-1/2" x 18" x 0.032" thk $39.00
Panel Saw Plate 6-1/2" x 24 x 0.032" thk $47.00
Short Rip Handsaw 7-1/4" x 20" x 0.032" thk $43.00


All shipping: CONTINENTAL USA Only. (Sorry, no International Shipping!) Because of the various sizes and packaging requirements, shipping costs are to be determined at the time of ordering.


To order, send an email stating the size saw plate you want. Please specify either Rip or Cross cut and the pitch (PPI) desired. In addition, please include your full address and zip so we can calculate shipping costs

When ordering multiple items, shipping will be combined (when possible).


Paypal is the preferred method of payment. And orders placed using Paypal will be processed first. However, we accept Money Orders and Cashier's Check (No Personal Checks).

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